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This policy applies to all website, managed by the producer ZONA8FILMS S.L. - CIF: B-84827252 whatever that may be general, special conditions, warnings and specifications that must also be known and accepted without reservation by the USERS of this website. The only access is through, which governs the General Legal Notice of this website. Regarding the LSSI, the General Legal Notice specifies all legislation concerning the Law 34/2002 on Information Society and Electronic Commerce.


  1. ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS OF USE. The acceptance of this disclaimer, is the linkage by legal agreement between ZONA8FILMS SL and users which are not anticipated or conditional acceptances by them are allowed. The use of this website constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions in addition to credit and accept that you has the legal capacity under Spanish Civil Code celebrate and respond to this type of contract established.


  1. CONTENT. All content on the website shall be governed by the General Legal Notice that this website has hung available to users. It takes special care with younger users, therefore the use of this website users under 18 is prohibited. Access to it implies manifestation of having more than 18 years, unable to take any responsibility ZONA8FILMS SL to the fact that a user is under age. The producer will cooperate technologically as much as possible in the case of misuse by any minor. All individuals and / or legal persons resident or domiciled in other countries in the European Union or outside this area should ensure that access to and use of this website,, are allowed in accordance with its own legislation exempting ZONA8FILMS SL this responsibility. SL ZONA8FILMS not cooperate hanging any documents which could damage the morale of any user, this is by videos where minors appear, and / or whose contents may seem committing any type of crime (rape, physical assault, psychological). ZONA8FILMS SL, is totally against child pornography, and certainly puts means that this does not proliferate in this medium. In case of any query available to any user an email, so that you can report. ZONA8FILMS S.L. is totally against acts defined in the Penal Code, as is the crime of pedophilia and other sexual offenses, and collaborates with law enforcement authorities of denouncing crimes such state. SPAM is not supported, since the proper functioning of the system is sought, advertising is not allowed.


  1. PRIVACY OF DATA. The producer ZONA8FILMS SL complies with legislation on protection of personal data, Law 15/1999 of December 13, and its implementing regulation RD. 1720/2007 of 21 December. In accordance with current legislation, ZONA8FILMS SL only collects data strictly necessary to provide derivatives services offered on this community, having created a file called ZONA8Afiliados to this effect and having discharged on the General Register of the Spanish Data Protection Agency on behalf of ZONA8Afiliados. Users in compliance with the Legislation in the matter, may request cancellation rights, access and rectification, opposition, according to the procedures that the regulation RD 1720/2007 sending the Security Manager that request. ASSIGNMENTS OF DATA. Also, unless the user is informed of the possible existence of transfers of data to third parties, and has sought their consent thereto, in any case, except in cases covered by existing legislation, no third party alien to ZONA8FILMS SL have access, without the express consent of the users, their personal data and / or navigation. In other cases ZONA8FILMS S.L. shall cooperate for the third to comply with current legislation, while liability is chargeable to those third parties. ZONA8FILMS S.L. not sell, rent or transfer the personal data of users of the Community, except if necessary for supplying the service, as in the case of making payments, which makes for supplying the service with payment platform, the platform having its own conditions of privacy with their data, and yielding only ZONA8FILMS SL, USER and PASSWORD, which you has chosen ZONA8FILMS S.L. does not sell, rent or transfer the e-mails of its users to other companies, except if necessary for supplying the service.


  1. EXTERNAL LINKS. For access to paid content, producer ZONA8FILMS SL, has a contract with the bridge payment platform that handles payment by bank transfer or by directly inserting the data required in your bank card. At that point the user is hiring a service directly with the company that manages the web, and user and this company will be governed solely outside ZONA8FILMS SL such service shall be according to the company clauses specified in their service. ZONA8FILMS S.L. is not responsible for those web or files that can be accessed through the community as these pages are the sole responsibility of the owners sites.


  1. SEVERABILITY. The declaration of any of these exclusive conditions for the community of, null and void or unenforceable shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remainder, which will remain valid between the parties.


  1. APPLICABLE JURISDICTION. The specific conditions of this community are governed by Spanish law, the parties expressly waive any other forum, submit to the courts of Madrid, to resolve any controversy or legal dispute that might become of use thereof


  1. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. In all matters relating to this aspect as well as others that may not apply to this contract, the parties shall be governed by the provisions of the Legal Notice The contents provided by ZONA8FILMS SL and discharges into the network through its web pages, contents constitute a work in the sense of intellectual property law so are protected by laws and international conventions on the subject . Prohibited any form of reproduction, distribution, public communication, processing, disposal and, in general, any other act of public procedure referring both to the web pages and their contents and information without the express prior written consent ZONA8FILMS SL. Consequently, all content displayed on different websites and in particular, designs, text, graphics, logos, icons, buttons, software, trade names, trademarks, industrial designs or any other signs of industrial and commercial use are subject to intellectual and industrial property ZONA8FILMS SL or third party owners who have duly authorized their inclusion in the different websites. The contents, images, forms, views, indexes and other formal expressions that are part of websites, as well as necessary for the operation and display them, software are also a work in the sense of copyright and are, therefore protected by international conventions and national legislation on intellectual property that may apply. Failure of the above involves the commission of serious illegal acts and its persecution through civil and criminal law. Any act by virtue of which the users of the services or contents can exploit or make use commercially, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, any of the content, images, forms, indexes and other formal expressions that are part of web pages without prior written permission of ZONA8FILMS SL In particular, and without limitation, it is prohibited to reproduce, distribute, display, transmit, retransmit, broadcast in any form, stored in hardware or software (eg CD or flash drive or hard disk), scanning or making available from databases other than those belonging to the authorized by ZONA8FILMS SL as well as their translation, adaptation, arrangement or any other form these opinions, images, forms, indexes and other formal expressions that are made available Users through the services or content, as such acts are subject to the applicable laws on intellectual, industrial or image protection Property. ZONA8FILMS S.L. It is free to restrict access to web pages, products and / or services offered there, as well as the subsequent publication of opinions, observations, images or comments that users can reach him via e-mail. ZONA8FILMS SL, in this sense, it may, if appropriate, subject to the sole responsibility of the users, the necessary filters to avoid that through their websites can be poured into the contents or opinions, considered racist, xenophobic, discriminatory, pornographic, defamatory or which in any way encourage violence or the dissemination of clearly illegal or harmful content. The Users sending to websites ZONA8FILMS SL, his department suggestions, comments, opinions or comments via e-mail service, unless they express the true and unmistakable manner otherwise, in cases where the nature of the services or contents this possible, is understood to authorize ZONA8FILMS SL for reproduction, distribution, display, transmission, broadcasting, broadcast in any form, stored in hardware or software (ex. CD or hard drive, pendrive, etc ..), digitalization, availability from data bases belonging to ZONA8FILMS SL, translation, adaptation, arrangement or any other alteration of such observations, opinions or comments, around the time of copyright protection that is provided for by law. Also, it is understood that this authorization is free of charge, and that the mere fact of sending by email such observations, opinions or comments, the Users decline any remuneration claim of ZONA8FILMS SL In accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph ZONA8FILMS SL is also authorized to proceed with the modification or alteration of such observations, opinions or comments, in order to adapt to the needs of the editorial format of web pages, without thereby can be understood that there is at all any injury to any of moral faculties of copyright that Users may hold over them. It is forbidden any technical, logical or technological resources by virtue of which a third party may benefit, directly or indirectly, with or without profit, each and every one of the contents, forms, indexes and other formal expressions that are part of web pages, or carried out ZONA8FILMS SL for operation. Specifically, any link, hyperlink, framing or similar link can be established towards the websites of ZONA8FILMS SL, without the prior consent in writing of ZONA8FILMS prohibited SL Any violation of the provisions of this section shall be considered a grievance to the legitimate intellectual property ZONA8FILMS SL on the website and all contents thereof. ZONA8FILMS S.L. assumes no responsibility for any consequences derived from the behaviors and performances mentioned before, just not assume any responsibility for the content, services, products, etc. of third parties that may be accessed directly or through banners, links, links, hyperlinks, framing or similar links from the websites of ZONA8FILMS SL


  1. LEGAL INFORMATION LSSI - CE. In compliance with reporting obligations referred to in Article 10 of the current Law 34/2002, of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce, we state that the responsible of the web where you can download different applications ZONA8FILMS SL, with NIF B84827252, residing in the street Barcáiztegui Sánchez, Under 11, 28007 Madrid Internet domain registered in the corresponding register, meeting communication users and / or interested in the following address email:


  1. DEFINITION OF USER. The use of the website attributes the condition of user, and implies full and unreserved acceptance of all and each of the provisions contained in this Legal Notice as published by ZONA8FILMS SL at the same time the user accesses the web. Consequently, the user must carefully read this Legal Notice in each of the occasions on which she intends to use the web, and it can be modified.


  1. INFORMATION ON LINKS ZONA8FILMS S.L. can not be held responsible for not own websites that can be accessed through links "links" or any content provided by third parties. Any use of a link or access to an external website is undertaken at the will and exclusive risk of the user and ZONA8FILMS SL does not recommend or guarantee any information obtained through a link not belonging to ZONA8FILMS SL, or accept responsibility for any loss, claim or damage arising from the use or misuse of a link, or information obtained through it, including other links or websites, interruption in service or access, or attempt to use or misuse a link, either by connecting to the web of ZONA8FILMS SL as to access information from other sites from the web ZONA8FILMS SL